About Us

Connecting people with the brand and places that compliment their lifestyle

What makes Public XP unique is our use of consumer-facing brand assets, giving us direct and constant interaction with your target audiences for both current cultural/social insights and turn-key programming opportunities.

Every agency has ideas, we come with audience engagement, influential relationships, and buying power in tow. We create conversations around your brand and the most organic opportunities to place it in your customers’ hands.

Be Public!



  • Digital audience development (technology) 
  • Social media marketing and growth 
  • Digital marketing


  • Branded events 
  • Activation management 
  • Brand ambassador staffing  
  • Program and campaign development 
  • National tours 
  • Brand strategy/ Campaign strategy consulting


  • Influencer marketing, engagement, and relationship management

Social. Life. Standards.

This is our platform and network for people living an active social life. Providing content about events, dating, fashion, life hacks, and interesting scenarios that we all deal with.

We have created a marketing service that drives a consistent flow of foot traffic by engaging local socials to hotel restaurants, bars and lounges!

Hotels focus on “heads in beds” and we focus on “butts at the bar.” Responsibly.

Through a multicultural lens, for 17 years we have helped brands express themselves through experiences. More importantly, we have introduced people to products and entertainment options that make their lives better and happier.

We will continue to work with companies that are looking to share their brands with the world one person at a time.

Our only secret has been to remain as close to the culture as possible so we can know the difference between trendy and classic as we craft your brand’s social persona.

Places we've worked

  • New York
  • Philly
  • DC
  • Arlington VA
  • Richmond
  • Tampa
  • Miami
  • Gainesville FL
  • Columbia SC
  • Charlotte NC
  • Atlanta
  • Birmingham AL
  • Columbus Ohio
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Austin
  • Houston
  • Vegas
  • San Francisco